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“Infant Massage is a great way to enhance the parent-child interaction. It can have a significant impact on their health and future.” ~ Dr. Graham Chance, FRCP, Past Director of the Canadian Institute of Child Health

The process of Infant Massage is not usually between the Therapist and child, but rather in teaching the parent how to massage their own child.  Touch is such a critical part of the parent-child bond and it needs to be encouraged and nurtured.  While touch is as natural to a parent as the birthing process, there are some rules around when massage is indicated and when it can make a situation worse.  The training received from an Infant Massage Instructor (almost always also an RMT) offers important guidance and confidence that serves the best interests of you and your child.

Infant massage includes gentle stroking of your baby over different parts of their head, limbs and body.  Body language cues from your infant will indicate when they are enjoying the interaction and when they have had enough.


  • Relief from pains caused by gas, constipation, chest congestion, teething and colic.
  • Focused interaction time with your child helps you to learn and understand their body language, thus improving communication and decreasing mutual frustration.
  • Stimulation for many body systems promotes overall health and well being.  Babies who are deprived of touch have been shown to have slower growth rates, dysfunctions in body systems, and brain & emotional instability.
  • The Touch Research Institute has revealed that:
    • Children are generally more alert, active and responsive, sleep more deeply and for longer periods, tolerate noise, and are able to calm themselves.
    • Premature babies who receive massage while still in hospital gain weight 47% faster and leave the hospital an average of 6 days sooner.

INSTRUCTION DETAILS: Intimate classes where the instructor’s attention is not divided is ideal. We suggest that two parents and two infants share the instructor’s time for two 30 minute sessions — Ideal when two friends book together!  The multiple but shorter sessions are suggestion to ensure that both the parents and their babies are not overwhelmed.  Infants should be 6 months old or younger (pre-crawl stage).  Classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis.


There have been some exceptions over the years where infants experienced difficult births or delivery traumas where a therapeutic intervention is needed.  Their little bodies with little attention spans need to be respected, so often the RMT’s hands-on time is backed up with a home-care and technique training discussion the parents.  Babies will often respond better and faster when small amounts of RMT directed care is initiated by the parents each day as the baby tolerates.


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