TREATMENT EXPECTATIONS: AnimalTalk™ Energy Medicine

AnimalTalk Treatment

Please download, print out and complete the AnimalTalk History Form for the treatment your pet will be receiving from the Resources Downloads page.  There is no need to return the completed form prior to your session.


AnimalTalk Energy Medicine Treatments

Understanding that animals are often in a family environment where there may be more than one caregiver, however the main (alpha) caregiver is the one who should be involved in the session.

The session will occur in the animal’s home environment where they can be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  They should be free to move about, but their space should be contained enough that the owner and practitioner can still see them at all times.  For animals who live inside the house (like cats or dogs) this may mean being contained in a familiar living room or family room on a leash, while for outdoor animals (like cattle or horses) this may mean a corral or box stall on a lead shank.  The reason for this specification is that animals in the wild naturally move when they are sick — this is because sick animals who lay down become prey.  We need to support your animal’s instinctive nature as best as we can in your man-made environment.

The leash or lead shank are a temporary means to ensure that the owner has control over the animal and that the practitioner is not given cause to touch the animal, such as a puppy jumping up excitedly.  The practitioner will review your completed History Form, ask you further questions about the animal and the concerns you have and then begin the session.

Dena Liebrecht therapeutic massage okotoks rmtPlease ensure that your home, barn or yard environment is free from other distractions (people, children, other animals or disturbing noises).  The practitioner will be closely monitoring your animal for body language and physical cues in response to the session, therefore such distractions will confuse both the practitioner and the animal.

Sessions usually last between 30 – 60 minutes, and this range of time is entirely dependent upon the cooperation of the animal.  As most owners can attest to with training or recreational activities, when they have had enough there is no forcing the issue!



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