AnimalTalk™ Energy Medicine

Like any other living organism, animals are vulnerable to stress particularly when they are made to adapt to our human environments. As is the case with human beings, exposure to stress can lead to disease and malfunctioning within an animal’s body or changes in their behaviour that we would consider concerning, inappropriate or inconvenient.

Animals communicate with us using physical symptoms or behaviours to express that something is not right for them.  Practitioners then use AnimalTalk which is an animal-specific derivative of BodyTalk that is used on people to help resolve the animals’ challenges.

Like BodyTalk, AnimalTalk is designed to re-establish good communication within an animal’s body/mind. AnimalTalk supports the resynchronization of the animal’s internal systems to provide ideal communication between the various components of the body, thus keeping the body sound and less vulnerable to disease.  Because of the close emotional bonds between animals and their humans, it is not uncommon for them to take on their owner’s symptom pictures or emotional turbulence.

Practitioners who have been working with animals using AnimalTalk, report that animals usually respond to the sessions even more dramatically than humans.  For a better understanding of this process of balancing the body/mind, please see the BodyTalk page.

A traditional Animal Talk session is done at Short Distance which means that while the Practitioner is in the presence of the animal in the animal’s own domestic environment, there is no hands-on contact with the animal thus making it safe for both the animal and AnimalTalk Practitioner.  Where it is not possible for the Practitioner to make an on-site visit, AnimalTalk sessions can also take place using Distance Healing.


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