Distance Healing Treatment

Distance Healing Treatment Expectations

Distance Healing is available for people as BodyTalk Energy Medicine or their animals as AnimalTalk Energy Medicine.

You will be asked to download the Distance Healing History Form from the Resources Downloads , complete it and submit it back to Body Kneads along with your email money transfer or PayPal payment prior to your session.  A Telephone History Review will be scheduled to discuss your History Form and answer questions.

Whether a BodyTalk or AnimalTalk session happens by distance or in person, the shifts and changes typically occur over a 72 hour period.  It is suggested that you spend your first session meditating or resting quietly until you know how your body responds during the actual session.  Many people are capable of their typical activities throughout the day but find that they might be a little more tired than usual at the end of the day and their sleep that night is particularly restful.

You will receive an email recap of your session within 24 hours of your Distance Healing treatment.

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