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7th Apr 2011Posted in: Max Testimonials, Testimonials

DISCLAIMER:  In no way is this story intended to imply product claims around “cure”.  It is Dena Liebrecht’s personal opinion that the Max products have given her body the foundation it needed to heal itself through supporting the production of Glutathione.  She admits going against the recommended dosages on the packaging and “doing her own […]

19th Mar 2011Posted in: Max Testimonials, Testimonials

“Max GXL and Max Infuse have given me back  at least ten years of my life.  After a couple of weeks  I was taking less time to fall asleep and I actually started sleeping through the night. My energy level increased and when  I started an exercise progam, the amount of muscle fatique  was very  […]

12th Apr 2010Posted in: Max Testimonials, Testimonials

I was introduced to MaxGXL by family. They explained all the benefits of the product, but I still wasn’t truly convinced. I started on the product in January 2008, almost one year after serious health problems. Within 2 weeks of starting MaxGXL, I noticed my energy level had risen. I had more energy to get […]

12th Apr 2010Posted in: Max Testimonials, Testimonials

I have been a powerlifter for 35 years; in 1993 I suffered two heart attacks and quadruple by-pass surgery. To say the least, it has been a rocky comeback. About a year ago I had an acquaintance convince me to try MaxGXL. The first week of taking MaxGXL I started to feel the difference in […]

12th Apr 2010Posted in: Max Testimonials

  “Over the years I have tried many natural products. Nothing has ever worked so well (and continues to do so!) as MaxGXL®. After only three days on MaxGXL, I could not believe how much better my left hand was. Another pleasant surprise is my balance, which has been terrible since a back operation in […]

12th Mar 2010Posted in: Max Testimonials, Testimonials

“To top it off, I NEVER get sore any more after my workouts. Even on the days I work out extra hard I think to myself, “man, I am going to be hurting so bad tomorrow.” But much to my surprise… NOTHING! I love MaxGXL! Not only for what it has done to my body, […]

12th Apr 2009Posted in: Max Testimonials, Testimonials

Like so many people who first hear of MaxGXL, I had my doubts about what it could do for me and how it would improve my life. I was approached by a good friend of mine named Gary. He told me he wanted to show me this new product that would improve my overall health […]

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