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“You know you’re getting old when you stoop to tie your shoe-laces and wonder what else you can do while you’re down there.” ~ George Burns

We’re not getting older, we’re just less young.

How much sense does it make to have wrinkle-free beautiful skin as you’re popping prescription pills, hunched over a cane in painful postural agony?  We are inundated with advertisements for Botox, collagen injections and facelifts in an effort to be a beautiful corpse.  Anti-aging efforts aren’t just about wrinkles and age spots (though being guessed 5-10 years younger than your driver’s license does make you feel good) — The key to aging gracefully is putting attention to yourself inside AND out.


Okotoks Far Infrared SaunaIt has been well documented by the scientific community that free-radicals and inflammation are present in diseases of aging (, and that the reduction of free-radicals and subsequently inflammation has a positive effect on the aging process.  There are a variety of ways to detoxify the body from known naturopathic cleanses, increasing the body’s sweat processes (such as the Far Infrared Sauna) or increasing antioxidants in order to decrease oxidative free-radical damage.


Did you know thatGlutathione Dena Lie brecht RMT Massage Okotoksnot every antioxidant is created equal or is entirely bioavailable when you eat it, drink it, or rub it on your skin.  Glutathione is considered the body’s master endogenous antioxidant — it’s something that each and every cell in your body is responsible for making.  The bad news is, the less we have, the less viable our tissues are and the more symptoms and pain we seem to have.  Our ability to produce it is reduced for a variety of reasons including the clock ticking away and sadly our Glutathione levels have been linked to our longevity.  A study at Odense University in Denmark compared Glutathione levels in centenarians (age 100 to 105) and people age 60 to 79 and found that the Glutathione level was higher in the centenarians.  CLICK HERE for more information about Glutathione, The Antioxidant Superhero!



Max Visible Solutions OkotoksIt’s no secret that when we feel better about how we present ourselves to the world on the outside, our emotional wellness improves as well.  Just think about the last time you felt sick with the flu, lived in sweat pants, and put a ball cap on because you didn’t have the energy to get in the shower.  Yeah, we’ve all done it.  And we all can admit that when we put some effort into our personal grooming we feel better.

What if there was something you could do that undid the damage that free-radicals have been doing to your skin all these years… the age spots… the blotchy spots… the wrinkles.  And what if it lasted?  And what if the products didn’t have any of that chemically stuff everyone’s warning you about?  And what if it meant that your friends or family started to comment about you looking younger and better than ever?  No kidding… it’s true!  A new skin care system just hit the market in January 2011 that shows the beginning of your results in one minute!

Well, it’s here. It’s real. It’s natural. It’s easy.  AND it’s affordable!

(Again, no kidding!)


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