Integrative Healing
Integrative Healing
Integrative Healing

“Insanity is doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting different result.” ~ Albert Einstein

Integrative Healing provides the best opportunity for complete and thorough healing (not just masking a symptom) because it considers the whole picture completely.  This is no ordinary spa massage!

A QUICK BUT IMPORTANT ANALOGY: Consider that when you choose to build a house you must bring in a number of trades to help you: architects, engineers, inspectors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, drywallers, painters, HVAC specialists, and so on. There is a specific order of operations for a home to be built successfully. Getting an engineer’s opinion about a load-bearing wall’s removal from the plans once the painters are there is too little, too late. Certain trades need to be more aware of other trades than others — The painters are really fairly oblivious to the role of the electricians and plumbers other than needing light to paint and water to clean up; But the electricians and the plumbers need to be keenly aware of one another’s roles so that the structures are not placed too close together to create a fire hazard.

Dena Liebrecht Therapeutic Massage Okotoks RMT spaWhile it is not unusual for a tradesperson to have multiple skillsets, it is not likely that a single person could build the entire home within a reasonable timeframe without assistance in any way. A good General Contractor is often a multi-skilled tradesperson who knows when to utilize their own skillset strengths and when to call in trusted complimentary trades to get the job done right. A good General Contractor can put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, problem solve when someone shows up late to the job site, or put the proverbial fires out when things go sideways. A good General Contractor can mean the difference of staying on time and on budget with your house building goals.

I look at Integrative Healing like the General Contractor of Health. One modality is no more likely to solve your medical issues than a single worker can build your house. Over the years I have traveled throughout North America learning effective techniques that often fall outside of mainstream care allopathically and holistically. What does this mean for you? Solutions for problems you’ve seemed unable to solve with conventional means.

Therapists are often pressured to work on a given area by patients without due consideration to what other biomechanical, compensatory, or energetic/meridian influences that may be causing or affecting the current symptom picture. This often leads to lingering symptoms and lengthy recoveries. We cannot separate the body, mind, and spirit from one another, therefore healing the three concurrently and creating equilibrium is ideal.

Furthermore, evaluating a the problematic signs with broad based training provides multiple perspectives that integrate to create the ultimate solution rather than the tunnel vision of a single concentration. It is not a matter of choosing a scientific or alternative means or an allopathic or holistic approach as they all can work together for optimal results. The key is to figure out the pieces of your healing puzzle that fit perfectly together and make your picture whole.

No two sessions at Body Kneads are identical as a range of modalities are seemlessly integrated to suit the needs of the patient on that particular day. BodyTalk Energy Medicine offers an energetic means to balance the body-mind-spirit, offering insights where other manual therapies might be beneficial. Myofascial Release, Myofascial Cupping, and Advanced Sport Massage are some of the more aggressive massage techniques that would be considered a different kind of deep tissue massage. CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation are more of a hybrid between hands-on manual therapies and energetic processes. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is often labelled “lazy man’s yoga” as the patient remains passive while the therapist manipulates them into yoga-like stretches.

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